Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Post #1 Technology Assessments

I believe that there is a great value in accessing educators’ technology leadership knowledge and skills. Technology whether we like it or not, is what is happening now and is what’s to come. Educators must be able and willing to accept the changes that are happening. Students are not willing to accept the status quo when they see what technology can do for them personally and educationally.
I also believe that we need to access the student’s knowledge and skills so that we as educators can accurately instruct them in the manner that they need. We cannot just blindly take on this task. We need to be able to compare our knowledge with their own so that we can address the needs of both the educator and the student.
In my experience, I have seen very few teachers grab onto technology and try to find ways to adapt it to use in their classroom. Last year, our teachers were all issued an iPod touch for Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) testing. The iPods were ours to use for the remainder of the year in any way we saw fit. Only one teacher chose to add educational apps to the iPod and use it in the classroom. Every single other teacher could not adapt their teaching style to use this technology as a teaching tool or every a reward mechanism.
There is no reason that we as educators cannot go out meet this new technological world head on and start changing our teaching styles to meet the needs of the new 21st century learners.

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