Sunday, August 7, 2011

Classroom Management

Everyone has been talking about how they manage their classroom behaviors and I want to share a little about what I have done and what I plan to do.

Last year I used my "Sad Pad" for all documentation. I took a few seconds every time there was a problem and just jotted a quick note about what was happening, sometimes it was one a word or two, like talking, out of seat, etc. as well as the students name. Then I would add up every rule broken at the end of the six weeks and that would be their conduct grade. I think I really one had about 2 kids who every went below a 90 in conduct.

About the middle of the year, I felt they weren't seeing what was happening so I made a conduct clip chart like several people have posted about. Everyone had a clip with their name and could see where they were for the day. I did have more outbursts simply because the student had to move their own clip and many tears were shed. :)

This year I plan on doing a behavior log where the student is responsible for writing the offense and signing their name. I am moving to a much stricter campus this year and feel that this would work with older children. I have attached my document and plan to put these in a binder, I will still count each offense as 1 lost conduct point but feel that maybe it will have more impact if the student has to write it out themselves. I know this won't work for all of my students (I am getting "the teacher abuser".) but for many of my lesser behavior problems, I hope this will do the trick.

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