Friday, August 19, 2011

The Quiet Before the Storm

Ahhhhh.....I am ready to take tomorrow as a breath of fresh air before all of the kids come back on Monday. We had open house yesterday and sadly only 7 out of 21 of my new students showed up so we are going to have lots of new faces.......and tons of school supplies to put up Monday morning.

Headed out to stimulate the economy a little bit tomorrow to help celebrate tax free weekend in Texas and to get me some new school clothes. It is too hot to pull out the slacks so I am going to have to find some dressy capris tomorrow. It was still 102 degrees when I was headed home at 7:00 tonight. It is TOO HOT!!

Hope the beginning of the year goes great for everyone. If I find some great deals tomorrow I will give everyone a post but if not.....see you on the first day of school!!

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